The “Mamrukovskoe oil” trademark has successfully operated in theoil & fatmarket for twenty years, and hasexcellentlyapproved itself not only in the South Russia, but also in the Midland, countries of the near- and far-abroad.

We are proud of our products!

MAMRUKO LLC holds a leading position in terms of product consumption in the Northern Caucasus federal district, and is one of the top-3 sunflower oil manufacturers in the South federal district.

Our oil is the Russian sunflower oil which is exported to Japan!

MAMRUKO LLC’s products comply with thehighest quality standards and meet the Japanese consumers’ requirements for foodstuff.


Our mission - 

Improve the life quality, promote the healthy eating principle, maintain the beauty andprolong the youth of our clients by thebenefit andunique quality of our oil.

Once you taste our oil,you willmake certain that it complies with the modern principles of healthy eating, and enables feeling the taste and the aroma of the true sunflower oil.


Own truck fleet and professional staff is the guarantee of efficient logistics.

MAMRUKO LLChas its own delivery serviceemploying exceptionally professionalloadersand drivers, and own trucksfor goods transportation.

Owning a truck fleet allows us to provide premium-quality services to our clients, responseimmediately to the client’s demandsafter receiving a request.

The vehicles are regularly sanitizedand maintained, which guarantees their good condition, and thus timely delivery of our products to the consumer.