Some products can be substituted.

But some are unique andunparalleled, while being a real must.

Such as our sunflower oil.


We manufacture one of the mostpopular and commonly used products, not only in Russia, but also worldwide — the sunflower oil.

Our oil is a premium product with affordable price, delicate and tender aroma, special taste.

It preserves the naturalcomplex of biologically activecompounds ofsunflower seeds.



Refined deodorized
sunflower oil

sunflower oil


MAMRUKOVSKOE packedcerealsare a noveltyin the company’s product line, which mayamaze even the most rigorousgourmets with its taste properties.

Feedstock for this series are solely premiumcereals, with all required sanitary documentation attached.

The eye-catching glossy packaging will not only be the focus of buyers’ attention, but alsoensures the proper marketable condition.