Up to 2000 tons
of premium-qualitybottledsunflower oil
is produced monthly by our facility!

We take the consumers’ tastes and expectations into account, comply with national GOST standard, and adhere to European quality management systems.

Our production is based on continuous control provided by a certified laboratory at all process stages: from feedstock acceptance to shipment of finished products.

At our facility, thepressing method is used, which allows receiving high-quality oil,preserving the rich set of biologically active substances, vitamins, and all valuable components of the vegetable oilin the finished product.

Unique packaging

The specially designed flat form of our bottles is not only a tribute tofashion, aesthetics andindividuality.

This form allows us toavoid any package deformationwithout using the liquid nitrogen at any temperature fluctuation, and maintain theeco-safety of finished products.